Training timetable

Training timetable

Friday, 12 August 2011

First Run

Okay so this blog is mainly going to be about how my running is going. I’ve applied through ballot to do the Flora London Marathon but won’t know if I’ve got a place until October. Apparently it’s quite tricky to get into through ballot as there’s only a certain number of places, so in October if I don’t get a place I’m going to have to go through a load of charities to get a place. I am going to do it!! Running a marathon is on my list of things to do before I’m 30 and now that I’ve hit 26 I realise I need to hurry up and do this.
 So my crazy friend Beckylee did the London Marathon last year, and that’s mostly what inspired me to do it next year. I then got a book which gives you loads of good advice about running – one of the tips being to write a running blog.  If any of you read ‘afailedunicorn’ blog I hope mine will be as entertaining (and as regular) although my pictures won’t be as artistic (I will cheat and upload photos).
I started running back in May but very quickly gave up when the weather got stupidly hot! For those of you who don’t know I also have asthma, so running around in 30c looking like a Lycra clad tomato and sounding like Darth Vader is definitely not a good look. Not only that but April 2012 is quite a long way away so I thought it wouldn’t matter if I skip a few days……
Months later I’ve decided to start running again. I have regressed all the way back to walking like I have just straddled a very fat horse, my face goes puce after a mile and my tummy muscles hurt so much that when I sneeze I cry out in pain! With all that in mind I’ve decided to enter a half marathon that is happening in 6 weeks’ time!!! 6 WEEKS!
I have stuck my training timetable to the fridge and am crossing it off as I go.
Today I ran 5 miles – Yay! It was far from comfortable though. For starters I had a small bowl of cous cous and yoghurt an hour and a half before the run. I thought this wouldn’t be a problem an hour and a half before – I was wrong. I had a stitch for a good ½ mile which started me off on a sort of bouncy hobble rather than a sporty looking run.
 I also decided it would be good to experiment with the energy drinks! I decided to put some orange PowerAde in my water bottle. It wasn’t until I was tying up my shoelaces that the boyfriend informed me of the likelihood of it fizzing all over me during the run, I realised that he was probably right. However, this coming from the man whose exercise regime consists of blowing socks from the light fitting and doing weird lizardy looking push ups was not going to stop me from leaving the energy drink that I had bought specially, at home in the cupboard. Needless to say there were quite a few wasps that were rather attracted to my bright red sticky body as it hobbled past.
So tomorrow is my rest day, on Sunday I’m running seven and a half miles. I am going to eat a banana and just make do with water before I set off. Wish me luck!!

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  1. Good luck! Me and my bicycle shall be coming to assist one sunday in Sept :D
    Don't let those wasps put you off xxx